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At Peppertint, we produce high-grade eyewear using only the finest quality acetate through a rigorous in-house production cycle to ensure peak quality.  Acetate is a premium material which offers extreme light weight, flexibility and durability.  These key characteristics allows us to consistently develop new and unique styles.


Each collection, we hand pick custom acetate and metal to the line. Every pair of spectacle is hand finished by experienced craftsman with over 30+ years in the industry. Every frame, every detail, every color combination are well thought out and assembled by the dedicated design & development team.


Every pair of Peppertints are equipped with CR-39 Lenses for optimum visual comfort and eye protection. CR-39 is a plastic polymer, an abbreviation for “Columbia Resin 39,” . It has excellent optical qualities such as high abrasion, scratch resistance, light weight all the while ensuring comfort and providing maximum UV protection.  Every season, we produce new styles with a wide range of lens designs for our customers.

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