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Colors each have their own meaning leading to a variety of feelings and expressions. Everyday of our lives in this world are made more beautiful and vibrant when in living color. That's why color is such a big part of my design process, with an infinite number of color combinations it is important to choose a combination that helps you define your mood for the day.  

Every season I perform an extensive but fluid research process before I start drawing new designs. At the core of the process, it starts with having creative and unique ideas. For me, my inspiration comes from my depth of experiences; from experimenting with new color palettes, to my photo journal of travels, or direct interactions with my customers. It is my belief that there is no one path when it comes to design, but it is important to always stay curious of design aesthetics and be daring.  

“Perfection” is our motto at Peppertint.  Each spectacles are produced and monitored by experienced development team with over 20 years in the industry. Every frame, every detail, every color combination are purposely designed and assembled.

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