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Interview with Inspiring Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Posted by Amos Abdallah on

Tiffany Lo, Fashion Blogger

“The only constant is change.”

The best way to make your outfit stand out is to let accessories to ‘do all the talking’. That is exactly why Peppertint is always my go to.

By being creative with accessories you can create new looks with the same pieces of clothing. I can set the mood of the day by choosing the right pair of shades.



Kay Fung, Make Up Artist

“Follow your dreams and you will win what your heart desires.”

Stepping into the 10th year of my career, I look forward to finding new challenges and experiences. You will find that everyone is pursuing their dreams.

Just like Cyrus founded Peppertint, everyone is putting their beliefs into their careers. I have learned a lot from them.




Sugar and Spice, Fashion Blogger

“Your accessory selection says a lot about you. Accessory is a visual statement on your character.”

I choose accessories that match my personality. The right pair of eyewear can help you create the look you want, and let people see the real you.

For this style Olive, orange represents enthusiasm, happiness and creativity, which is in line with the brand identity.


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