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Our Palm Tree Logo

Posted by Kitty Kwok on

We took palm tree, a symbol that best represents Southern California, and infused it with design elements from Googie architecture. The three stripes at the bottom represent our 3 founders: Cyrus, David and Raymond.

When you look closely on each pair of Peppertint sunglasses, you may see that our logo does not resemble a typical palm tree. The leaves with hard angles, dynamic lines and sharp contrasts symbolize positivity and optimism. We strive to bring enthusiasm to everyone who come across our eyewear products. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between eastern and western cultures by producing stylish and durable eyewear that exhibits carefree and creative styles.

Quality.  Affordable.  Handcrafted. 

Los Angeles

Santa Monica may be the signature of Los Angeles, but the city of angels is not just about summer vibes, there is much more to explore beyond the beaches.

Fairfax is a hidden gem in Los Angeles. It a versatile and vibrant area that welcomes different people and cultures. On one end of the street you may see skaters, and on the other end, you may meet creative artists. The casual and cozy vibes make Fairfax a popular spot among young people. Sophisticated restaurants and award-winning restaurants in the area are also reasons to visit the place.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a cultural melting pot with unique history in each district. This small city carries tons of interesting stories and local treasures.

Soho in Central is a popular spot for grabbing a drink or two. Located just a few steps away, PoHo is another interesting neighbourhood. It is a great place to spend a relaxing afternoon exploring local stores and eateries around. From vintage accessories to modern jewellery, the place's got everything. But PoHo was not always such an appealing and trendy place. It was once an asylum for an anti-government organization back in the 1990s.


Named as the “Oriental Paris”, Shanghai is the most prosperous city in China. The mysterious beauty of the city makes it a popular tourist destination all year long.

West Bund is the perfect place for art lovers. With a number of museums resided in the area, it is surely heaven for people who love museum-hopping. Long Museum and Yuz Museum are among those that cannot be missed. After the sun goes down, fine dining in famous eateries along the Huangpu Riverbank would be the best activity to end the day.

Perfection is our motto and the sturdy trunk expresses our adherence to quality and reliability. From design to production, every process is deliberate and carefully monitored. The three parallel lines at the bottom of the trunk represent our three founders, who work closely together to deliver stylish and affordable eyewear to everyone. 

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