Peppertint’s Eco-Acetate Collection

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"This planet is one common playground and we all have the responsibility to look after its well-being."


We ’re taking a small, yet deliberate step forward with the development of our Eco-Acetate Collection – made of natural components derived from cottonseeds and have undergone tests that environmental pollutants composition of acetate is far below the international market limit.


Why should we use eco material?

To greatly reduce toxic pollutants


The making of traditional acetate and PC lens may have a chemical reaction that could release harmful substances. While eco material can solve this problem by reducing the harmful substances released during the production of eyewear, and reduce damage to the environment and human health.


Higher Quality, Greater Plasticity


Eco-acetate frames retain the advantages of traditional acetate in terms of durability, diversity, etc., the hardness value of products made of eco materials is higher than ordinary products but lower than high-density material products which provide more possibilities for the design of eyewear products. 


Venice Beach in Havana

Venice Beach in Clear Frame


Loyola in Brown


Together, we make an impact!



We commit to increase the use of eco-friendly acetates in our future collections.

We encourage you to join us in preserving the planet. Do it for your eyes and for the environment.

Peppertint Eco-Acetate styles are now available on Peppertint.com. 


Featured Styles



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