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Can you imagine living a life in darkness? We may take healthy vision for granted, but many people around the world are suffering from eyesight problems or even blindness, especially in developing countries.

Cataracts is the major cause of blindness globally and it greatly affects patients’ daily lives. Although a cost-effective solution exists, many patients cannot be benefited from the treatment due to the lack of essential equipment and funding.

We collaborated with HelpMeSee for a charity sale in June in support of Cataracts Awareness Month. Following the success of the event, we will launch another one in October for World Sight Day.

From Oct 1 to Dec 31 2018, you can enjoy 15% off for all eyewear styles using the code “HELPMESEE”. For each eyewear purchase, Peppertint will donate $10 USD to HelpMeSee to help restore the eyesight of a cataracts patient. Your purchase can change the life of a cataracts patient.

HelpMeSee is a charity organization with a vision to bring an end to blindness caused by cataracts. Learn more about their work and latest news on https://helpmesee.org.hk/en/work/index/LatestNews.

Peppertint will continue to show its care to the community by offering a helping hand to those in need.

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