6 Carry-on Summer Essentials

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There may be uncertainties surrounding the summer months this year, but one thing for sure is that: summer getaway plans are on their way! No matter you’re hitting the beach or driving away from the city, here are some essentials that you should bring with you to take your sunny escape to the next level.


① Sunglasses

Wait, I thought you already know that…sunglasses are the ultimate necessity when it comes to pretty much any summer activities! Aside from being a forever fashion statement, sunnies protect your eyes from harmful UV rays entering your eyes. You may also get some help from color-tinted / polarized shades for an enhanced visual experience.

 Tote Bag

Some summer dates could be as casual and random, so it is always a good idea to travel light! Keep your look stylish yet chic by bringing a canvas tote with you. They look absolutely good under the afternoon shadow and are lightweight and easy-to-clean.

 Sanitizers / Alcohol Wipes

These will be much needed especially when you are out to explore the city! Either of them works to deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria, particularly in busy environments like restaurants or parks. Make sure you apply and rub It in until your hands are dry!

④ Earpods

No matter you are into acoustic, hip-hop or podcasts, a pair of earphones is always a must-have to cool you down during hot days! Immerse in your own world with it or even share half of it to your BFFs to get the summer vibe on.


Carrying a book with you is never a guilty pleasure – we all need a digital detox from time to time! Try keeping a book with you and hop off to the pool side or café… you may find the hours worth-spending.



Exploring your destination with your eyes are great, but with a camera that’d be much better! Either a film camera or digital ones could spice up your travel and get your moments captured in a flash. You may consider carrying a water-proof camera with you to the beach to make it less risky to shoot on phone!

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