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Alan in Inglewood

Having worked at Oakley for 15 years, Alan is the epitome of eyewear royalty and a true entrepreneur. He is currently consulting fashion brands on launching eyewear lines. From design to marketing and worldwide distribution, he has impacted the business in every aspect. Apart from eyewear, Alan is also passionate about shaping young people’s minds. He is working closely with students from Hong Kong University’s MBA program, where he shares his experience and assigns case studies on real life eyewear projects, a way to encourage and strengthen their business development skills.


 “Eyewear is an individual choice, a choice that can make or break how you feel."


Ever since I've known Alan, there has never been a rest day for him.  There's absolutely no one I know who can match how hardworking this man is.  His determination to succeed in his profession will always be something I admire and inspired by.  When we select our ambassadors, we look for values and qualities within individuals that resonates our brand mission.  His At Peppertint, we spend endless hours perfecting our craft to ensure to produce the best product to our consumers.  

Understanding how a piece of eyewear can impact one’s feelings and emotions.  We take that statement to heart and It is Peppertint's mission to produce quality and affordable eyewear to consumers.  Our frames are produced using only high quality acetate and stainless steel metal.  

Inglewood is a versatile and easy-going style in our latest collection. It embodies the use of solid round shapes, which we took reference and homage from the signature architectures in the city itself like Great Western Forum and Randy’s Donuts.  Yes they might not be the conventional architecture people make reference to, but they are definitely what defines the city itself. 

With the unique wave pattern of the arm of the eyewear, and googie-inspired palm tree logo on the lens, the overall look and feel reflects that positive California culture.


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