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As a singer, actor, creator as well as yoga teacher, Alex Lam is all about chasing his dreams in life and finding joy in the process of it. 

"I don't like following the norms. I rather create MY own."

Every steps of the way in life, Alex prides himself living in the moment and allow himself to be the best version of himself every day, creating in every ways possible.

Alex features in Roscoe (left) and Brentwood (right)

"Sometimes things never go what's planned, you've got to agile and go an extra mile, try new things and perhaps you will find an unexpected surprise in the end!"

Alex features in Whittier  

Q: What inspires you during your creating process?

A: “When Michelangelo was asked how did he carve David, he said that he didn't create David on purpose. He just used a stone and carved it out of nowhere. This inspires me a lot! I allow myself to try different stuffs like painting, driving, hanging out with friends...then I learn a lot of new things, and just jump right in back to my guitar. It feels much better than just sitting in my studio for a few hours just to write a song on purpose!”

Q: Can you share any life experience which you had to go through changes?

A: "I remember during my last year studying in LA, I learnt yoga. This is a great change for me because I feel like transforming from a kid to a grown up. I finally learn how to take good care of my body. I know my physical weaknesses and improve them bit by bit. I quitted bad habits like late night drinking and eating heavy meals."

Q: How do you think about Peppertint?

A: “Peppertint always reminds me about LA. I used to drive around town seeing sunsets and palm trees...those sceneries are so unforgettable and locked in my heart. Thanks to the lil’ details on Peppertint shades that reminds me of these wonderful moments."

Q: What does #BeYouDoYou mean to you?

A: "Just let go of yourself. Embrace the constraints. Don't be shy...there's nothing wrong to be yourself. Most importantly, never give up. NEVER give up."

Q: What advise would you give for the future YOU in 10 years?

A: "Haha...I'd tell myself to have better planning. I used to have no idea in investment, and that's something I regret."


Alex features in Slauson II

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