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Being Hong Kong's first Nike Master trainer, Utah Lee has been the face in fitness category along with her healthy lifestyle and positive mindset. She lives her life to the fullest switching roles between being a model, fit-fluencer, dance choreographer and a mother of two.

"Dare to try and make changes.”

Utah originally started off her career in fashion design. She opened her own firm House of Style HK in 2010, where she designs jewellery, accessories, furniture and etc. She started coaching dance class at her friend’s gym, and it was not long ago before she fell in love with fitness training. She started to explore deeper by learning dance like Pilates and Zumba, and soon shifts her focus to the fitness field.


Utah features in Roscoe in Clear Lens 


“Life is just a game...I accept that I’m different.”

Just like all of us, Utah encounters ups and downs in her life as well. The most challenging task she ever did is pregnancy. "I was in such a downtime seeing the physically changes on myself. I grew like 25 kg! I feel like a freak entering gym and meeting people I knew. I was so scared of how my students thought of me. Luckily, with the help from my family and friends, I was able to overcome the pressure."


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As a mother for two, Utah values work-life balance and enjoys being a working mom. She is pleased seeing her family after a day of hectic work. Utah also likes to treat my kids as friends rather than children. “I feel like it’s easier for them to open up and share their thoughts! I want them to grow healthily, happily, and most importantly pressure-free.” 


Q: What is your motto?

A: "Just do it lah!" 

Q: Any goals you‘re chasing right now?

A: "Not really...I’m lucky enough to say that I am living the dream I’m chasing for. But perhaps some more quality time with my kids! Weekend hike or hopefully a vacation soon.”

Q: How do you think of Peppertint?

A: "I like the cool LA vibes! Great sunglasses in different colors. I like to mix and match with my daily outfit!"

Q: What does #BeYouDoYou mean to you?

A: "Listen to your heart and stay focus on what you want to do, find your own purpose."


Utah features in Rodeo in Grey 


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