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During a hot Summer weekend,  you probably have nothing much to do but just to read a few pages of fashion magazines in an air-conditioned room. You will see many gorgeous faces with fashionable sunglasses on, which is very eye-catching and attractive. Then You will imagine the moment when you wear the same styles and to look cool...But to be very honest, not each pair of sunglasses will fit your face shape. You will need to choose the right frame to make yourself look chic! 






In this article, our designer will explain to you which type of sunglasses are the best fits for your face shape.





The most popular shape - Aviator 

The lenses of the aviator sunglasses that we often see droop to both sides, just like the dark circles of a panda. This shape will make the upper half of your face look smaller, which highlights the wideness of the lower half of the face. If your chin is long and pointed, the aviator shape will fit you. But if you have a round face,  you will become panda-like and look rounder in aviator style, make sure you correct your face shape with right sunglasses.












The aviator is inspired by aviator goggles, which is light and portable in style and is loved by celebrities. 

If you have a small face with pointed chins, a heart-shaped face, or a long face, then aviator style will be a good choice for you.

This shape is not a very good fit for square face, short face, round face and baby face.

If you have a round face, you can choose a less drooping style instead.

Aviator family have also a relatively flat upper half, and this model does not emphasise the chin so heavily. If you have a baby face, it will make you look cuter with an oversized style.





Cat Eye 

Compared to aviator style, the cat-eye shape is more eye-catching in design as the upper part of the frame is raised up, and the frame tends to fully cover the cheek. This style visually widens and lengthens the upper half of the face, and can make the lower half of the face looks relatively smaller.















Therefore, cat-eye is not a good fit for pointed chins and heart-shaped faces. Cat-eye shape is more eye-catching than other shapes because of the raised tail details with more playful concept.  Besides, Square face, round face, short face and oval face can wear cat-eye style very well.


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