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Tofer’s studio is located at the back of his house in Monterey Hills, California. He took elements and functions from old studios to create his own haven that is well angled, naturally lit, with no harsh shadows and maximized wall space. The studio is where Tofer’s inspirations and design ideas are nurtured.

Tofer is born and based in Los Angeles – he is a true Angeleno. His career as an artist develops organically with his early exposure to museums, cartoons and comics, as well as taking oil painting classes during his college years. His travel and life experiences has led to continuous growth and evolvement of his art pieces. 

Tofer's life quote:

“Cannot put too much weight on one thing”

I've always been drawn to Tofer's aesthetics and have followed his work for quite some time now.  One summer I was introduced to Tofer through a mutual friend of ours.  I was lucky enough to visit and experience his studio in LA and got to know 

Back in 2017, I commissioned Tofer to create these two pieces for me as I just moved into my new home.  It is a series titled "Ups and Downs - Night and Day".  Everyday I wake up to these pieces reminding myself nothing in life comes easy and that there will always be ups and downs in life.


Peppertint’s collection Inglewood is inspired by Tofer’s use of hard angled shapes in his architectural work. The use of rigid shapes is a showcase of the future fashion trend in Los Angeles.

Inglewood embodies the use of solid round shapes, which reflects the signature architectures in the city itself.  With the unique wave pattern on the arm of the eyewear and the googie inspired palm tree logo on the lens, the frames fully brings out the sunny and positive vibes of California. 

We believe only through producing hearty and quality eyewear that we could leave an unforgettable impression for everyone who come across our eyewear, that’s why details are always at our priority.


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