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Ton in BLAKE


“I just like to observe. It helps me expand the world of characters in this funky world”

Inspired by the mundane, small things that come across her every day, Ton's obsession for chubby shapes and forms, and observing people and things created FLABJACKS, a home-grown brand featuring creative characters in doodle form. Taking Shanghai by storm, she has collaborated with global fashion and lifestyle brands including Nike, Vans, Lexus and Gucci to name a few.


FLABJACKS are characterized by their plump outlooks and adorable emotions on their faces.    

FLABJACKS are not just ordinary doodle characters, they also take up the mission to spread happiness and positivity to people who come across them.

The creation of a new character comes about at the moment when Ton feels a connection to the object in which she can bring to life. The objects may be ordinary and common entities, but they are invaluable inspirations for Ton. 

Ton has been supporting Peppertint since the beginning and it is only fitting to have her on board as one of our brand ambassadors.  Having watched Peppertint grow and evolve, and knowing each piece is thoughtful, detailed, and true to its motto, it resembles her work ethic and originality of design, bringing a personal connection with the Peppertint brand. 

A new classic revisited.  Blake is one of our latest drop in 2018.  We want to take reference of the classic oval shaped frame and gave it a modernize twist by applying zero base mirror reflective lens coupled with detail design elements on the glasses temples.  We had to find a guy whose look and attitude could personify this style.  Naturally, we turned to our model friend Blake, who was our model in our very first Peppertint photoshoot.  To pay homage to our dear friend, we named this style under his name.

Blake has undeniably inspired the brand in many ways. With small lens available in different colors, the eyewear has a classy yet stylish design, just like Blake himself. At the temple of the eyewear, there is a unique detail---a wave pattern that adds delicacy to the eyewear. At the tip of the arm, you can also find the letter “P”, which represents the brand name. It is the small things that make the eyewear modest yet sophisticated.

At Peppertint, refinement has always been a motto and it always will be.

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