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Dream On - Kay Fung

Posted by Aubrey Tam on

Kay in Olive (left) and Slauson (right)

Kay Fung, Make Up Artist

“Follow your dreams and you will win what your heart desires.”


Stepping into the 10th year of makeup career, Kay looks forward to finding new challenges and experiences, especially when she realizes everyone is pursuing their dreams in their best ways. She has worked for different makeup projects featuring artists like Elva Ni, Sabrina Ho Chiu Ying and Michelle Wai.

She said, "just like Cyrus founded Peppertint, everyone is putting their beliefs into their careers. I have learnt a lot from them."

Aside from being a "dreamer", Kay loves spending time under the sunshine and sharing lovable pictures on her social media. "Sunglasses are definitely my summer must-have and I used to wear them a lot during outdoor events!"

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