"Fashion has no rules" - Wendy

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Wendy in MARINA

Wendy has multiple identities: Jack of all trades, restauranteur, talent agent, stylist and wife. Currently based in Taipei, she has lived different lives, enough to share wise, inspirational messages to everyone that crosses her path.

Born and raised in California, Wendy feels a strong sense of nostalgia with Peppertint. The shapes, dual-tint, stems and lenses of the eyewear mirror the lifestyle in California, where her cultural roots originated, building a deep connection between her and Peppertint.

"Brand is a culture. Be a part of the brand."

Wendy in DOHENY

With a strong belief that there are no coincidences in life, Wendy embraces every scenario and opportunity that knocks on her door. She describes herself as the most unconventional traditional woman - strong values with an individualistic way of thinking.


Wendy’s early career in fashion has shaped her views on brands, people and culture. To her, fashion has no rules. Every individual creates his/her own fashion using their imagination. Wendy’s disposition towards independence and uniqueness just happens to coincide with Peppertint’s brand values.

Wendy in L.B.C.

Inspired by Long Beach City, L.B.C. exhibits the carefree and colorful lifestyle of the place. As a charter city, Long Beach City is unique and distinctive in its own way. Street arts and murals can be found everywhere. Just like the city itself, the eyewear is not confined by boundaries. With irregular-shaped frames and brightly colored lenses, L.B.C. expresses a casual yet self-assured style. 


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