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Making your Choices

Posted by Cyrus Chan on

Before you decide on your purchase, here's a little information that might help you. 

Knowing your face shape

As we all know, everyone is unique and interesting in their own ways, that includes your face shape!  Every face is different, therefore finding out your face shape will help you better determine the perfect frames to compliment your features.


If you have an oval face, you may find just any style suitable for you.  Whether it's square, round, wayfarer or aviator style, as your face shape creates the perfect balance and proportion when matching with these frames, you will look good in any of them!

Our recommendations:



Round faces usually give off a youthful energy and compliments well with opposite geometric style frames.  You may go for square or rectangular frames with an option of an oversized or thin metal style.

Our recommendations:



Heart faces usually has high cheekbones and narrow chin.  Now you may just go for any option here.  Go for a classic aviator or oversized frames that have the same length or wider than your forehead, which creates the perfect balance of your face proportion.

Our recommendations:



Square faces have distinct angles which when paired with round and square shaped frames, will accentuate your natural features.  Allow yourself to try out Peppertint's fashion and cat-eye category!

Our recommendations:


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