Asian-Fitting Glasses

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What is Asian-fitting Glasses?

Focus Concept

It’s not difficult to produce all-inclusive eyewear, but It’s something Peppertint has noticed was lacking in the current marketplace. Popular eyewear brands tend to lack here and there in compatibility to Asian features, which is not entirely their fault, but is something we learned, and is our objective to master.


Our design concept is technical - focusing on the study of Asian faces, our distinctive features, contours, and entire structural makeup to maximize the elements of aesthetics necessary. This brings our Asian customers the experience in the quality of comfort they’re looking for when wearing our products. From the width of the lens bridge, height of the nose pads, and even the length of the arms, every component is refined and specially designed for Asian bone structures.


Peppertint uses unique 83° inclined lenses to properly proportion the amount of space needed between the frames and the cheekbones. Feel free to laugh away all you want with no more worries about the frames making any contact with your cheeks. After all, you’re human and you’re meant to be expressive, not confined or restricted.


Width of Frames

The faces of Asians are comparably 40% larger than that of Europeans. Peppertint chooses wider frame widths and lenses for the appealing and comfortable benefits to our Asian consumers.



Face Size

Frame Width

Small (European Type)

115mm – 127mm

118mm – 128mm

Medium (European Type)

128mm – 138mm

129mm – 139mm

Large (Asian Type)

140mm – 152mm

140mm – 150mm



Length of Temples 

The temple is crafted at 140mm – 150mm in length providing maximum comfort on your ears.



Width of Bridge 

The width of our bridge is made at 17mm – 19mm wide to contribute to stabilizing the fit on the curvature of our nose.


Height of Nose Pads


The use of larger silicone-based nose pads help stabilize the eyewear during travel, maintain comfort under multiple circumstances and prevent slippage during weather fluctuations.



Tilt of Frames


The angling of our frames at a 81° – 83 ° inclination ensures adequate amount of space between the frames and the cheekbones so that under no circumstances do they ever need to touch.

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