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Choosing Different Tints For Different Purposes

Ever wonder what color should you choose when choosing shades? In fact, tint plays an important role in enhancing vision in various situations by filtering light rays in different ways. Check out the following! 


Amber / Brown

Amber / Brown tints comforts your eyes and heightens contrast against green landscapes and blue skies by reducing glare and blocking blue light. It also contains a red element for low-light conditions. Now these lens can be your best companion for field sports such as like fishing, baseball, golf, and cycling.

Loyola in Brown (left), Whittier in Light Red (right)



Rose Red

Rose tints help improving visual depth and provides good road visibility. It also reduces glare and eyestrain while providing comfort and is suitable for long time of usage. It is perfect for driving during low-light conditions or winter sports.

Sawtelle in Red (left), Slauson II in Red (right)


Aside from being trendy and aesthetically pleasing, blue improves color perception and reduces glare. It is also proven to have a calming effect on the eyes and wearing them while on the water will help increase the natural blues of the ocean and skies.

Slauson II in Blue (top), Overland in Light Blue (bottom)

Yellow / Orange

Yellow / Orange tints provide greater clarity in hazy, foggy or low-light conditions, especially with fast moving objects. It filters out blue light from computer screens that causes eye fatigue and headaches, and can make objects appear sharper both indoor and outdoor. These lens are great for evening activities and sports like mountain biking or tennis.

Westwood in Orange (top), Slauson II in Orange (bottom)


Green tints are good for general purposes. They keep color distortion to a minimum and subtly improve contrast on sunny days and low-light conditions. It not only reduces glare without affecting color perception, but also provides visual sharpness. Perfect for precise sports such as golf, or any activities which you will see vivid sceneries.

Doheny in Olive Green (left), Westwood in Olive Green (right)


Grey reduces brightness and glare which allows eyes to perceive colors in their purest form. Similar as green tints, it is also great for multiple weather conditions; whether it’s sunny or overcast days. It is perfect for driving and outdoor sports like running in general.

Westwood in Smoke Lens (top), Venice Beach in Blue Grey (right)


Polarized lenses block glare from intense light reflecting off the surfaces such as water, snow and glass. With enhanced visual contrast and color perception, it is proven to provide better vision and comfort outdoors.

Polarized lenses consist of  7 layers of composite material.

  • The first outer layer on both side of the lenses are a hard surface protection film.
  • The second and sixth layer are anti-impact layers to improve toughness and impact resistance, prevent lens scratches and extend lens life.
  • The third and fifth layer are ultraviolet absorption layers that absorb more than 99% of UV rays.
  • The fourth layer is the polarizing film, which is the core of the lens and provides up to 99% polarizing effect, which drastically absorbs glare.


  • Improves visual comfort
  • Improves contrast and visual clarity
  • Reduces eye strain
  • Provide true perception of colors
  • Reduces unpleasant reflections and eliminates glare
  • 100% UVA and UVB protection

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