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Peppertint only puts the finest, raw, eco materials, meticulously together piece by piece with real humans behind the scenes. Crafted and polished by hand, with no machines involved at all. For each collection, our team hand picks custom eco-acetate, stainless steel, specialty lenses, with no questions asked, and absolutely no cutting corners allowed. Can we just show off a bit by mentioning that we use 5-barrel hinges for extra sturdiness durability? Sorry not sorry.


Our design and development team dedicate themselves entirely to all the little details, color combinations, and assembling instructions involved. Every pair is hand finished to perfection by experienced craftsmen with 30+ years in the eyewear production industry, which is something we are proud to share with you.

How flawless is our craftsmanship?


Let’s talk weight distribution. How many times have you tried on frames and bought them solely by its look, later to find out that it’s hurting your ears, falling off your face as you bend over, or sliding down when you’re just a tad bit sweaty? Weight distribution at Peppertint is well thought out. We level out the front of the frames and the tips of the earpiece to balance out the weight evenly, and our nose pads are made with silicone, preventing slippage especially when it’s hot out. Everybody sweats, and we’ve taken that into consideration because we’re nice like that.


The shape itself is also an important factor in all our designs. Although it is usually assumed that curved or wrapped shaped eyewear is better in preventing reflective glares from coming in through the sides of your lenses, the Peppertint team has found a solution to inhibit that from happening with our flat shaped eyewear. How? By adding polarized, anti-reflective (AR) coating to block it all off and provide better image clarity for viewing experience. Easy-peasy. Safety and quality vision guaranteed for all you drivers out there.




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