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pairs of sunglasses donated to people in need

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Peppertint believes and encourages people to live their life to the fullest. For every pair of Peppertint sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to HKSB.

The Hong Kong Society for the Blind (HKSB) was established in 1956. Over the years, it has developed a wide range of services covering eye care and low vision services, rehabilitation and vocational training, educational support, rehab service for persons with multiple disabilities and visual impairment (MDVI), and residential care for the aged blind. To improve the well being of our service users, HKSB continues to strive for building up a barrier free society with opportunites for all.
To provide services to help maximize the capabilities of the visually impaired, facilitate their equal partificpation in society and improve their quality of life with a view to achieving a harmonious and inclusive society.
Peppertint x HKSB
It is Peppertint’s mission to give back to the society. Since company was founded in Hong Kong, we are olblidged to give back to our local community. Aside from donating glasses for charity purposes, for every pair of Peppertint sunglasses sold, portion of the proceeds will be donated to HKSB.

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