Getting to Know our Shades

At Peppertint, we make exceptional sunglasses for the extraordinary person. That person is you.

Each individual pair of Peppertint eyewear is carefully handcrafted by real people, which means there is absolutely no mass production by machines allowed here. Our factory and manufacturing team has over 30 years of experience in the production of eyewear, with a track record of excellency in bringing high quality eyewear to the market.

Each season, we produce new styles along with a wide range of different designs for our customers to choose from, because not everyone has got the same taste.

Our Frames 

Entirely designed in-house, Peppertint frames use only high-grade materials, namely, acetate, stainless steel, or a mixture of both. Our team works to combine fashion, functionality, and durability to guarantee eyewear that will last for years to come.

The materials we choose offer us the ability to allow consistent development in new and unique styles.

Our Lenses  


All Peppertint sunglasses are equipped with CR-39 (Columbia Resin 39) lenses with 100% UV protection at UV400 grading for optimum visual comfort. As a perfect alternative to glass, CR-39 carries excellent optical qualities, such as high resilience to abrasions, is scratch-resistant, and also lightweight.

Our Designs

Aside from all the technicality, we’ve worked hard at Peppertint to create new and fresh designs each season that is suitable for every type of lifestyle and personality. We are a team made up of perfectionists, and that is the way we handle all of our creations.

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