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Sight to Sky

Giving Back
Peppertint cares. We are constantly finding new ways to give back to the community and improve the quality of life.
Established in 2015, Sight to Sky is an independent NGO with an aim to bring low cost, high impact primary healthcare to remote mountain communites such as Ladakh and other countries along the Hima-layan belt such as India, Pakistan and Nepal.
Constant exposure to the harsh sun has resulted in unusually high rates of cataracts and other UV-related vision problems under these extreme climates. By establishing a network of mobile health clinics and programs, Sight to Sky provides primary care that is fundamental to improving one’s quality of life.

To date, over 6,000 patients were served.
With the same mission in mind, Peppertint, in collaboration with Sight to Sky, have donated 300+ pairs of sunglasses (all with UV ratings above 400) to support the people in Ladakh and other communities along the Himalaya region.

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