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Summer 2018 "The Euphoric Brilliant" Lookbook

作者: Cyrus Chan

For Summer 2018, Peppertint explores the bold personas in Los Angeles with throwback 90s shapes. In colors from the sky, the collection features five styles: Abbot Kinney, Marina, LBC, Inglewood and Blake. 


“LA is composed of many communities showcasing different personalities. I take inspiration from people with optimistic attitudes and a brave approach to life.” 


Parallel to Venice beach, Abbot Kinney is a true example of this spirit. The trendy community is where residents socialize and collaborate by sharing ideas. The star of the eyewear collection is named after it.




Abbot Kinney is a frameless piece which has lenses accented with double studs. The octagon shaped lenses and metal parts are rounded to give a more organic touch.



With an identical twist on the arm, Marina is another daring style that grabs attention. The trendy matte lenses heighten the look.


To give a personal touch, a sense of discovery is also infused in the collection. At the temple of LBC, Inglewood and Blake is a wave pattern---a detail that can be felt by the touch of the wearer.


Additionally Blake is a hat tip to Peppertint’s model featured since the first campaign. The classic go-to style is made for the easygoing personalities just like Blake himself. 


Each style is finished with an embossed palm tree logo on the lens. With attentive design and techniques, Peppertint reaches a new level of refinement and offers pieces fit for soaking up rays in California or anywhere around the globe.

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